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  • Appropriate Architecture
    The history of 404 King St. in Charleston, SC, illustrates the conflicts between Modernism and traditional design.
    By David Payne

    Guastavino Thin-Tile Vaults
    A master craftsman takes us through the steps to build a Guastavino vault.
    By Ken Follett

    Public Monuments
    Noted journalist and scholar Catesby Leigh discusses public monuments in today's environment, with an introduction by Clem Labine.

    Decorative Painting: Successful Projects in Sacred Settings
    Religious buildings require the highest level of artistry.

    Presiding Over the Palisades
    A forgotten historic garden in Yonkers, NY, is being brought back to life by a conservancy founded by Stephen Byrns.

    Ornamental Options
    Four primary materials options are available for today's creators of historic ornament: precast concrete, cast stone, GFRC and fiberglass.

    The ABCs of Decorative Ornament
    The experts agree: Decorative is a plus in commercial buildings.

    Green Lights: Let There Be Light
    Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, and LED is leading the pack.

    Green Lights: Taking Control
    With a few simple controls, old buildings can become even more energy efficient than they already are.

    More Than Meets the Eye
    Knowledgeable suppliers provide guidelines on working with historic custom metalwork.

    Green Lights: HVAC for Historic Buildings
    A new feature showcases products and materials that promote sustainability in the built environment.

    Wood Entry Doors: Putting Your Best Face Forward
    Quality wood doors create lasting first impressions for buildings of all styles and functions.

    Green Lights: Solar Energy in Perspective
    Solar technology is finding a home in historic buildings.

    Making Room for Traditional Architecture
    A noted educator refutes the commonly held arguments Modernists use to dismiss contemporary traditional architecture. By Mark Gelernter, Ph.D., dean and professor of Architecture in the College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver

    Exterior Lighting: Value Engineering
    Suppliers are adapting to a changing economic climate as they continue to manufacture well designed historic exterior lighting.

    Bright Ideas
    Lighting an historic space is rarely as simple as dusting off some antique fixtures. Several experienced companies offer advice.

    Maintaining Metal Fencing
    Even the most durable fences, those made of iron and steel, require maintenance.

    Networks of Tradition
    The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU) celebrates its tenth anniversary with a growing membership and new global collaborations.

    Hardware Counsel
    Selecting the right hardware for historic projects is a challenge. Four manufacturers provide advice and guidelines for designers.

    NTHP Enters a New Era
    With a new president at the helm, the National Trust for Historic Preservation is spreading its wings to embrace a larger community.

    A Tribute to Clem Labine
    Clem Labine, founder of Old House Journal, Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines, received the Newington-Cropsey Award for contribution to the Arts.

    Changing Styles
    Reproducing historic wood windows involves dealing with many design details that don't apply to today's windows.

    It's a Steel
    Historic steel windows can be restored to their original appearance and functionality.

    Spirit of the Ocean
    Three master carvers have re-created an historic fountain in Santa Barbara, CA.

    A Supporting Cast
    Wood, stone, cast stone, FRP, GFRC: Here's a guide to sorting through the alphabet soup of today's column materials.

    Preservation and Sustainability
    When restoring two historic homes in Charleston, SC, the architects were able to solve the sometimes-conflicting issues of preservation and sustainability in an urban environment.

    Etched in Stone
    A little knowledge goes a long way when specifying stone. Suppliers provide guidelines and information.

    Postmodernism: A Look Back, and Ahead
    Highlights from the Reconsidering Postmodernism conference.

    Urban Design: Russian Style
    A team of designers from Urban Design Associates is making its mark a long way from home - in Russia.

    New Things to Learn about Preservation Trades Education
    Trades education and training opportunities have expanded throughout the U.S during the past few years.

    Roundtable: Compatibility vs. Differentiation
    Six design professionals wrestle with the biggest problem confronting preservation today: Should new construction in historic areas be stylistically similar to existing acrchitecture, or present a bold contrast?

    Planning for Future Growth
    Urban Design Associates created a contextual, historically sensitive master plan for the town of Ellon in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

    Vanishing Vistas 
    Now entering their fifth decade, modern landscapes – like many of their building contemporaries – are suffering from a lack of appreciation and neglect.

    The Changing Architectural Practice in the Age of Lean 
    Leading architects discuss how their firms are relying on sustainability and preservation to survive the economic crisis and lead us into a better future.

    Differentiated and Compatible 
    A new look at The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation discusses some of the problems that have emerged.

    One Lot at a Time 
    Two professors at Notre Dame offer ten tools for redesigning communities, while avoiding boilerplate designs-in-a-box solutions.

    Casting Calls 
    The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America (ICA&CA) has embarked on a program to restore a collection of plaster casts of eons-old architecture and sculpture for use in contemporary classrooms.

    Urbanisms Old and New 
    Theories of urban design have looked at the challenges of our cities, towns and neighborhoods with very different eyes.

    100 Most Endangered Sites 
    The World Monuments Fund announces its 2008 Watch List of the 100 most endangered sites in the world, naming cultural and historical sites in 59 countries.

    The Digital Age 
    Building Conservation Associates of New York, NY, has developed an easy-to-use building-maintenance software program to replace bulky paper manuals.

    Coming to America 
    The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism – a non-profit organization that promotes conservation, regeneration and new traditional building – will launch its first U.S. chapter at the Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans.

    Book Ends 
    New libraries in Craftsbury Common, VT, Memphis, TN, and Jacksonville, FL, demonstrate the flexibility of traditional-design principles in meeting the demands of contemporary usage.

    Raising Standards 
    Three leading architects, Paul Spencer Byard, Robert D. Loversidge, Jr., and Steven W. Semes, discuss the issue of additions to historic buildings and neighborhoods with Traditional Building Editorial Director Michael Carey.

    In Jefferson's Shadow 
    With the unveiling of a new design for the South Lawn, the Classicism vs. Modernism debate rages on at the University of Virginia – a debate that hinges on the interpretation of the ideals upon which Jefferson founded the university.

    Picking Up the Pieces 
    Throughout New Orleans, LA, both national and local preservation groups are moving quickly to try to save buildings and homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The first steps in saving the city's rich architectural legacy involve assessing the damage and stopping – or at least slowing – the plans for demolition.

    After the Storm 
    An unprecedented charrette held in October in Biloxi, MS, brought together hundreds of architects and designers from around the country and the U.K. to help create plans for rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

    The Renewal of Architectural Education 
    Four panelists – Victor Deupi, Paul Goldberger, Michael Lykoudis and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk – discuss architectural education.

    Upstairs Downtown 
    A restoration program developed by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) is reclaiming long-abandoned upstairs spaces in historic downtowns.

    Sustainability in the Urban Context 
    Leading urbanists discuss why the urban environment is important to a sustainable future and how it can be improved.

  • All Things Green, Commercial and Institutional

  • Greening Historic Buildings
    Contemporary energy-saving technology combined with tried-and-true conservation techniques make restoring historic buildings a win-win situation.

    Enduring Partnerships
    The goals and tools used by preservationists and green builders converge more often than not, as illustrated by a variety of LEED certified historic restoration projects.

    The Original Green
    Long before Gizmo Green existed, homes and buildings were designed and built with the idea of being compatible with the environment.

    Specifying Sustainability
    Architects discuss sustainable products with true staying power, as opposed to what some have called "gizmo green."

    Sustainable Stewardship
    In a recent speech given upon the acceptance of the Vincent Scully award, Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, argues that historic preservation plays an essential role in fighting climate change.

    Sustainability and Tradition: Ways of Building and Ways of Life
    Michael Lykoudis, dean of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Michael Mehaffy, president of Structura Naturalis Inc., and Walter Sedovic, principal of Walter Sedovic Architects, discuss sustainability with Traditional Building Editorial Director Michael Carey.

    Historic and Green
    Forum, by Donovan D. Rypkema

    Finding Common Ground
    A growing number of rehabilitation and reuse projects illustrate the natural link between historic preservation and the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED sustainable rating system.

    Energy Efficiency
    In recent years, geothermal systems have become an increasingly popular solution to providing more energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling for both historic buildings and new construction projects.

    Sustainability in the Urban Context
    Leading urbanists discuss why the urban environment is important to a sustainable future and how it can be improved.

    Building a Sustainable Language of Typology
    Architecture students from the University of Notre Dame went to Bath, England, to study urbanism. By Samantha L. Salden



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