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  • Tomorrow's Arts & Crafts Lighting
    Four manufacturers discuss the next phase of an iconic lighting style.

    A Tall Order
    Technical know-how and quality materials enhance the beauty and longevity of columns and capitals.

    September 2013 Green Lights
    This month's feature showcases the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

    A Fresh Perspective
    Historically-inspired bathrooms reflect scientific and manufacturing progress.

    July 2013 Green Lights
    This month's feature showcases a sustainable kitchen upgrade.

    Gutter Talk
    In both function and style, there is more to the humble gutter system than meets the eye. By Gordon Bock

    Catching Up With Conservatories
    Today's conservatory designs encompass a range of uses and materials. By Gordon Bock

    Classic Cabinets
    Traditionally inspired cabinets are available in a variety of styles to suit any contemporary kitchen.

    March 2013 Green Lights
    A look at environmentally friendly products for your residential design projects.

    Fresh Cuts
    Reclaimed wood flooring is available in a variety of dimensions and finishes and lends immediate authenticity to the period home.

    January 2013 Green Lights
    A look at environmentally friendly products for your residential design projects.

    Queen Anne Comeback
    Architect Hector Muñoz-Baras details the renovation and expansion of an 1890 Queen Anne in Port Jervis, NY. By Hector Muñoz-Baras

    The Lore of Lantern Design
    Historic lanterns continue to inspire the designs of today's light fixtures. By Gordon Bock

    Historically Speaking
    From hinges to knobs and latches, a look at historical and historically inspired door hardware. By Gordon Bock

    An American Rotonda
    Palladio's Villa Rotonda is reinterpreted for contemporary use in northern Ohio. By Charles Belson, AIA

    Fencing Through the Years
    From early log stockades to wrought iron, cast iron and steel, the evolution of fencing has mirrored architectural fashions. By Gordon Bock

    State of the Art
    A look at the lights, lanterns, shades, sconces and wallpaper of the Arts & Crafts movement – and where to find them today. By Gordon Bock

    2011: Period Homes in Pictures
    Period Homes highlights a few of the projects published in the magazine over the last year.

    A Primer on Paint
    Exterior paints have changed dramatically in recent years, as has the technical vocabulary. By Gordon Bock

    Green Can Be Gold
    The benefits of storm windows have improved with technology, strengthening the case against replacements. By David Martin

    Lawrenceville Revival
    Pittsburgh architect Keith Cochran offers an inside glimpse of the ongoing restoration of an 1830s Greek Revival in the city’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. By Keith Cochran

    Comfort and Efficiency
    Home insulation reduces both home energy bills and carbon emissions, and comes in a variety of forms.

    Palladio Through the Years
    As the Palladio Awards program enters its 10th year, Period Homes looks back at some of the residential projects that have been recognized since 2002.

    Robie Reborn
    Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House celebrates its centennial with a newly restored exterior and structural overhaul. By Gordon Bock

    Restoring Latrobe
    In collaboration with the Blue Grass Trust, Mesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker continues the faithful restoration of the Benjamin Henry Latrobe-designed Pope Villa in Lexington, KY, despite economically challenging times.

    Profiting from History
    The transformation of two of New York City's iconic buildings – the Plaza Hotel and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower – to condominiums shows the value of converting historic structures, even in an erratic housing market.

    East and West
    Though they shared a common philosophy, East- and West-coast expressions of the Arts and Crafts Movement varied greatly.

    New Athenians
    The four remaining houses of the Alexander Jackson Davis-designed La Grange Terrace in New York City are an instructive example of the Grecian-influenced New York Style of the 1830s.

    History on a Budget
    Traditionally styled affordable-housing designs from Torti Gallas and Partners, Ross Chapin Architects, Ron Wright & Associates/Architects and Mithun are recognized by the 2007 AIA Housing Awards.

    Modern Marvels
    The sometimes unusual materials and forms of aging Modernist houses, including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House, Philip Johnson's Glass House and Frank Lloyd Wright's Wescott House, are proving a unique challenge to preservationists.

    New Urbanism's Holy Grail
    The Congress for the New Urbanism has affordability and diversity as principles in its charter. Why is it, then, that so many New Urbanist developments become enclaves for the wealthy?

    Shingle Style Maine
    In the late-19th century, William Ralph Emerson designed a number of Colonial Revival-inspired houses characterized by asymmetrical plans, overhanging gables, flared verge-boards and shingle siding, thus spawning the Shingle Style; many examples of the style still stand on Mount Desert Island, ME.

    Natural Light
    Meeting contemporary expectations in plan while retaining traditional massing and proportion requires both a sense of openness and an understanding of architectural definition.

    Grecian Ohio
    In the first of an occasional series on regions and architectural styles, an Ohio-based architect and historian examines the Grecian heritage of the state, the history of its propagation and the elements of the style.

    Class Act
    By developing a three-step charrette process, the recently organized Architectural Charrette Team has set out to consolidate and accelerate the production homebuilding process, as well as to improve the quality of its architecture.

    Architecture of Hope
    By designing a series of affordable, traditionally inspired alternatives to the much-maligned FEMA trailer, architects who convened at the Mississippi Renewal Forum have attempted to redefine post-catastrophe emergency housing.

    Preserving Tomorrow
    Appropriate techniques for preserving historic buildings are often debated, and when it comes to buildings of the 20th century, the debate heats up. Both the materials and design techniques of the period create challenges for preservationists.

    Anatomy of a Georgian Room
    The room is the basic spatial building block of architecture and the proportional principles of punctuation and differentiation can give this space both rigor and beauty.

    Classicism for Humanity
    The Institute for Classical Architecture & Classical America and Habitat for Humanity have joined forces to build prototypes of affordable houses that complement traditional neighborhoods.

    Dutch New York
    Though the settlement of New Amsterdam was both founded and ceded to the English within the 17th century, the Dutch influence on the architectural identities of the Hudson River Valley and New York continues to this day.

    Classicism and the Kitchen
    The kitchen has evolved significantly over the years, but the age-old principles of Classical architecture offer valuable guidelines for contemporary kitchen design. By Sarah Blank

  • All Things Green, Residential

  • Intelligent Design
    In response to the current economic and environmental climates, the New Urban Guild's SmartDwelling initiative proposes several ideas for more efficient, compact homes.

    This New Old Green House
    Aesthetically, the house of the future will take its cues from historical styles, but its methods of construction, materials and systems will be radically greener

    Frame of Reference
    Timber framing is one of the oldest, and most sustainable, construction techniques available; with a simple design and a collaborative planning process, it can also be a cost-effective option.

    Still No Substitute
    Is the replacement of historic windows with modern substitutes always the most energy-efficient and cost-effective strategy? A specialist examines the life-cycle costs of both options.



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