Traditional Building Portfolio

An Invisible Hand
Glenn Keyes Architects' rigorous attention to detail makes preservation projects appear effortless – and timeless. Read more.

European Union
Working in the shadow of the devastation of World War II, Krier Kohl Architects is renewing cities and bringing order to urban environments in Germany and the Netherlands. Read more.

A Nice Fit
James T. Kienle joined forces with Moody•Nolan, adding his expertise in historic preservation to the mix. Read more.

Defining Decades
Jan Hird Pokornoy has been involved in historic preservation since the beginning of the movement. Read more.

Lone Stars
A pioneer in historic preservation for more than three decades, ARCHITEXAS focuses on projects in its home state of Texas. Read more.

Uniting Forces
A leader in historic preservation, Lord, Aeck & Sargent is involved in buildings of all sizes and ages. Read more.


The Art Lover
Turn-of-the-century architect/designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh combined Arts & Crafts with Art Nouveau to create the "Glasgow Style." Read more.

Inside Jobs
Mark P. Finlay Architects of Southport, CT, boasts an extensive portfolio of "brand-new old houses" and historic renovation projects. Read more.

Natural Selection
Palladio Award-winning Virginia Burt Designs creates exterior spaces that speak to the heart and mind.

An Elegant Fit
John Milner Architects' portfolio of new and restored residences combines craftsmanship, clarity and context.

Tailoring Tradition
For more than a decade, Clawson Architects of Maplewood, NJ, has created highly individualized residential, retail and institutional projects throughout the Northeast. Read more.

The Quintessential Classicist
Award-winning designer Christine G. H. Franck makes the case for Classicism through her projects, writing, teaching and advocacy work. Read more.


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